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Embroidery Service

We offer a full in-house embroidery service in Chesterfield and the internet. We can produce a one off design on or of complete a run of embroidery work for you club, school, business or society. We have a range of garments to choose from or if you prefer we can embroider onto your own garments.
Embroidery is popular because of its traditional, hi quality look and most importantly its durability. Embroidery will usually outwear the garment it is sewn onto.
Traditionally, embroidery pricing and quoting can be very complicated, but at Not Just T-Shirts we try and make this simple and easy.  Most left chest logos are a set price of £4.50. This includes text embroidery or your logo up to 10,000 stitches. (Covers most logos we typically embroider.) For larger logos, which are to be embroidered we quote for each individual logo as these vary a great deal.
Digitising (Punching)
When setting up your company logo or other embroidery we need to firstly set the logo up. Normal text fonts which are included in the online designer are all free of charge. If you require a font that is not in our online designer then please contact us as we may have this already setup on our system.
With logos we need to convert these into stitches, which we called digitising. This is where we send the design off to our specially trained digitisers who convert your logo into embroidery stitches. This process is usually completed in 48 hours but can be prioritised for rush orders.  Once this is done we can send you a sample of the logo (if requested) stitched out for your inspection and edits can be made if required. Digitising is usually £25+VAT.
Once you logo is digitised your logo can be resized by 10-15% only. Embroidery colours can be changed free of charge.
Not Just T-Shirts have heavily invested in the best embroidery machine money can buy, we only use Tajima embroidery machines as we believe that quality machine which are serviced regularly will 1- Produce the best quality embroidery possible and 2- Keep running so we can keep on top of our orders and keep to promised deadlines.
Threads & Backing
Threads and backing are another important ingredient towards making quality embroidered logos. We only use Madeira embroidery threads as these are the most widely respected brand in the embroidery world.

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Embroidery on a bear


Dennis the menace embroidery


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